Meet the blogger


There’s been some confusion regarding my online identity, so let me neatly gather all the fandom places where I can be found :).

Tumblr: elenaontop (previous url: upupa-epops, changed due to tumblr being a tool and not allowing for tracked tags with dashes). There is also an Elena Gilbert sideblog elenagilbertsss I run with Crystal.

Livejournal: upupa-epops is my “everything” journal; I also have a journal that’s just for fic in English: i-wrote-a-thing. Let’s not forget that I co-run an Elena community that everyone should join, because, hey. Elena. Anyway: ialwayssurvive.

AO3: semele upupa-epops (though be warned, there are, like, four stories there; I have no idea why do I even have this account).


upupa-epops => elenaontop